Sunday, October 2, 2011


i guess there are two new videos on johns youtube channel?? just noticed them today, i figured he was done with videos. it looks like he made them with his laptop which is kind of annoying considering he still fucking has my camera, he could at least use it

anyway theyre kind of weird. for one thing thats not johns house, but those are definitely johns hands because who the fuck else wears a goddam rosary on his wrist.

also the music. john hates punk. not in a "oh the ramones are overrated" kind of way, in a "due to past trauma i cannot listen to the descendants without crying myself to sleep" kind of way. and the fact that it was the descendants is weird for other reasons i dont feel like getting into.

this also confirms that john does in fact have a working phone and has been ignoring me and rachel for whatever reason. fucker

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