Saturday, September 24, 2011

not waving

Friday, September 9, 2011


tired of trying to come up with titles for these. just gonna use the date from now on i think. anyway i havent heard from john except through here. i dont know what the fuck is going on, or how much of what hes saying is true or if hes just holed up in his house taking pills or what. he wont answer the phone, he wont respond to emails, and he doesnt have a facebook so thats out.

im still pissed at him even if im worried about him. and hes obviously fucking crazy and a biblethumping asshole. but this stuff with his dad well. his dad has always been kinda weird. i never thought he was abusive or violent or anything before but who knows.

i wonder when everyones lives got so fucked up. daves gone. rachels a mess. johns more crazy than ever and maybe his dad too. its like this whole town is living in a state of emergency. i dont see people on the streets anymore and when i do theyre walking fast and looking down. i even saw william the other day. thats never a good sign.

im not really sure why im writing this. i dont really have anyone to talk to lately. rachel spends all her time reading and she was my last real contact with the world. and i'm not the kind of crazy fucker who talks to god so. i wish itd stop raining

Monday, September 5, 2011

Guess it's time I published this.

This has been saved in my drafts since the day after I came back. I think my dad wrote it. I don't know how he found my blog.

I had to find him. I could not let him be hurt. He's my boy. He's all I have left. I had to protect him. I'm the only one who can. If others knew about what has become of our family, we would not be allowed to live.

I followed him into the forest. I saw the things he communed with. The great cat, and the king of limbs.

I followed him across world and time.

I brought him home.

I need to Kill The Little Fucker
I Need To Show Him Who Is In Charge
Bleed Him With Leeches
And Set The Hounds On Him

My son.
All Is Lost