Monday, September 5, 2011

Guess it's time I published this.

This has been saved in my drafts since the day after I came back. I think my dad wrote it. I don't know how he found my blog.

I had to find him. I could not let him be hurt. He's my boy. He's all I have left. I had to protect him. I'm the only one who can. If others knew about what has become of our family, we would not be allowed to live.

I followed him into the forest. I saw the things he communed with. The great cat, and the king of limbs.

I followed him across world and time.

I brought him home.

I need to Kill The Little Fucker
I Need To Show Him Who Is In Charge
Bleed Him With Leeches
And Set The Hounds On Him

My son.
All Is Lost

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