Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sid gave me a gift.

Can't believe the superintendent didn't cancel school today. Some people can't get out of their driveways around here, and Southbridge is still all torn up.

I had grad rehearsal, too. Then me and Alex went straight to Sid's. We hung out there, then went and got Taco Bell.

There's this drink at Taco Bell. We always have it. Mountain Dew Baja Blast. You can only find it at Taco Bell. We never order anything else when we're there, and we only go to Taco Bell, so it's all we drink.

I drove us home. I think. I remember driving too fast and yelling at Sid and then I think I was alone in the car for a bit, and it was weird. There were no other cars on the road, and the road seemed more twisted than usual. I mean, I am in rural Massachusetts, oh land of hills and windy trails, but the road was twisting like a corkscrew and the telephone poles were all jutting out at awkward, irregular angles. And I drove so fast. Every corner was a near miss. I didn't check the speedometer.

Then Sid's in the front seat and he's laughing with me about something but I'm not really laughing, just coughing, and I hear Sid start to sound worried.

I got us home okay. I assume. I'm here now and Sid's not here, so I guess I drove him home.

I think I was driving.

All I can think of is something Alex said today: "The best times in life are when you almost lose control."

The banquet is tonight. I'm wearing my suit, red tie. Mouth's feeling better. Still not sure if I'm ready to take on a steak, though.

I need a fucking cigarette.

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